The Professional Neurological Examination Pin
a single-use precision instrument

Get Straight to the Point.... Always Insist Upon Medipin

Medipin is a unique and patented single-use cutaneous pinprick tester designed to promote accuracy and safety. An annulus surrounds the faceted point to safely intensify perception of the sharp stimulus through a central nervous system enhancement phenomenon called lateral inhibition and serves to standardize point pressure and improve test consistency by limiting skin penetration and risk of puncture – especially on fragile skin.

Combined with an intuitive design to facilitate ease of handling Medipin’s annulus also offers protection against self-inflicted 'needle-stick' cross-infection and the point is readily eliminated by simple compression against a hard surface where conventional disposal is not possible.

The spherical head and bright red colour makes it a useful visual testing aid and plastic construction ensures unusually long shelf life. A dedicated tool at exceptional value supplied in boxes of 100 Medipins.

In summary Medipin seeks to offer:

Neurophysiologically enhanced pinprick stimulus for consistently superior response at reduced application pressures even in existing neuropathy.
Enhanced infection control by shielding and inhibiting penetration of the point.

The standard to be judged by for safer, consistently precise diagnosis,
offering greater accuracy, security and convenience.
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