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About Us


Back to 2007, we were the only Socks factory located on the West Coast. There was a lady who drove for 2 hours just to visit us hoping we could make a pair of diabetic socks specifically for her. The socks needed to be super loose and flexible around the calf and not elasticated whatsoever. Meanwhile, the material also needed to be super comfortable, warm and breathable. If it could also inhibit bacteria that will be perfect.

To invent a pair of socks like this the development costs would be unpredictably huge but we were really touched by the mission they represented. Our success might benefit millions of people who struggle daily with diabetes.

It took us 3 months to perfect the lady’s socks exactly to her requirements after which she thanked us, paid $5 and went home.

Our invention went on to bring opportunities beyond all expectation and we've been selling diabetic socks worldwide for the last 12 years whilst helping many, many friends and families.

What is the significance of our story?  It’s all about the initial intention or your mission – 

"Love what you do" and "Help others"- which is the defining belief of +MD. 

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