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Medipin designed to promote sensitivity in 
Testing For Earlier Diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy In Clinical Practice.

2 Medipins - Single Use Pinprick Sesation Testers -Designed To Optimize Pinprick Perception Without Piercing Delicate Skin
Close Up View of Medipin's Protected Point For Enhanced Stimulation of Pinprick - Designed To Optimize Pinprick Perception Without Piercing Delicate Skin


Designed To Promote Test Sensitivity by Optimizing Pinprick Perception Without Piercing Delicate Skin

Medipin is an FDA listed, dedicated device which has been in regular use by US Doctors for many years, as well has having been employed successfully in quite a number of international medical studies.

See Relevant Publications.

It is an all-plastic precision device designed to   avoid  skin puncture whilst, simultaneously intensifying stimulation at lower application pressures. This is achieved by situating a short and flat topped, faceted, pyramidal point within a surrounding annular component something like a golf tee.

The result is to harmlessly micro-displace the skin   sufficient to hyper-sensitize it whilst creating a   perimeter of dissimilar dull sensation to generate the phenomenon known as a center surround field. This contrasting effect promotes cortical lateral inhibition, which concentrates and intensely distinguishes, the point and its boundaries to create a neural, ‘illusion’

(mechanically akin to the better known optical variety) of enhanced perception. This means that usefully acute stimulation can be achieved using a much lighter contact pressure.

The point is, frankly, not so much a point as a minute pyramid concluding in a plateau. Medipin is designed specifically to be consistently precise without penetrating the skin. Ideal for the fragile conditions often associated with diabetes.

Medipin is also excellent for infection control. The point is largely shielded by the annulus surrounding it which helps protect against inadvertent self-contact and scratching. It is also very easily destroyed. If not in a sharps box, simply compress the point against a hard surface such as a sink or metallic trolley and it will flatten without snapping off. It can also be broken in two to avoid re-use. 

Get straight to the point, always insist on Medipin…

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